Entry #21


2016-04-18 11:26:59 by MrPinku

Hello everyone,


I'm still alive (so far)!

I'm glad to announce you that after a very long absence and a lot of difficulties, I'm back!

I will relaunch my Patreon page on may 1st 2016 with some changes and the 1st chapter of a new game.

New submission to Newgrounds will follow too.

Thank you very much for all your support and messages during my absence, it means a lot to me.

See you soon, and







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2016-04-18 13:58:52

Welcome back!


2016-04-19 03:59:17

I assume that its supposed to say may 1st 2016 :P but anyway already said it on patreon but its really good to see you back bud, your drawings may not have been the best but the concepts were! (plus I personally liked the drawing style)


2016-04-19 16:37:12

at last c:


2016-04-30 14:50:18

Hey @valdee, look who came back :O

I'm so glad you're okay, and you came back! I don't know when I'll be able to send you some money, but I am looking forward to anything you upload here!


2016-05-06 03:24:51

Nice to see that you're back! =)


2016-05-29 18:48:16

HI Pinku . God bless your back!!!!!
I am so happy now ,you made my day better.


2016-06-04 02:08:53

Wooooohoooo!! Mr. Pinku is back!! good to know you are ok and ready for more!!! wish you glory and fortune man, and good health, we miss ya =)


2016-07-04 08:45:01

you back


2016-07-11 16:01:49

Yay :) Things are looking good :)


2016-07-19 16:09:32

I'm so glad that you're back !

I'm dying for play all the things that u have in the patreon, i really like your games and the concepts behind them, u could say that they weren't THAT great, but they are, absolutely. Unfortunatelly i don't have a way to pay :(, at least not right now, i really wish i could... You deserve it. And i fucking want to play that games hahah

Looking forward for rabbit 2, Z-I or whatever you could upload here! Good luck