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Hello, I made few flash games (almost all of them are "for adult only") for my own pleasure. Now I think it's time to start sharing. So let me know what you think of my stuffs and enjoy.


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Let's Play Potions 2

Posted by MrPinku - August 9th, 2014


sorry for the long silence but I just moved back to Europe and I was quite busy with the move.

I'm working again on my games and for now I try to finish a BETA version of "Let's Play Potions 2".

The fan only version (released on the Dumping Grounds and accessible from this news) will be released in about 2 weeks (sooner if I manage to fix some problems).


For now I pu a video of the game play on the Dumping ground.

You can access it here.

Update 15/08:

I will release a work print of "LMSASWH" (Let's Mix Stuffs And See What Happen, or, "Let's Play Potions 2") this week-end (the "fan only version") to let you test it and let me time to finish a releasable Beta.

I'm also working on the "Dungeons & Morons Card Game", the engine is almost finished and I can present you a few characters:

Update 18/08:

I just put a Work In Progress version of the game in the Dumping ground. 

WARNING: There's a big "WIP" (Work In Progress)  in the middle of the screen because this version is not ready for release yet. You can still look around and preview the game play, the characters and even the sexy endings.

There will be an update of the game every week.

Let's Play Potions 2 W.I.P0 HERE 


Enjoy :)


PS: Previously posted pictures are now in the "Art" section.


Nice to see an update on the game, looking forward to it's release.

Thanks, I'm planning on a weekly update.

Moved back to... the other side of the world?! Wow, hope you're going to be alright!

New game trailer looks very good and challenging!

Thanks, I'm still taking my marks in my new home. ..
I'm glad you like the new game :)

Hi MrPinku

As already mentioned in some preview post i'm looking Forward to test your demo and try to help you finding some bugs ( if there are bugs in your game ) :)

Thanks for the update and the Video, the game Looks promising so far :)

greatings Whiskey

Thanks a lot Whiskey, your help is always welcomed :)

Yay! Welcome back :)

Thanks :)

Oh nice! you are back!!, the game looks awesome, thanks for the great job and i wish you the best of lucks in your real life matters, i know sometimes it can be harsh, see ya!.

That's the kind of message that motivate me a lot to continue making games.
Thanks :)

Everything looks good. Can't wait!

Sorry you'll have to wait a little more ;)

Thanks for giving us something to play with, Ewoks day on the beach made me laugh =D
Looking good so far.

I hope you will enjoy the other secrets too :)

Hey MrPinku,

Game Looks very n1 so far and has still a lot of potential.
I tried out a few things and recognized that the Alien is making a photo in every combination, i don't know if he is supposed to do this ?
One other Thing, the Special Scene with the Zombie... i can shoot the Zombie and i'm also able to see the Scene where he fall and get the trousers and also the panty, but if i Change the area i cannot see the last Scene, if this is already implempented ?!
I mean where the Girl is hiding bedhind the wall...

Thanks WhiskeyBlack, the game is still in WIP so I will make a lot of modifications before the Beta version. Bugs are normal at this stage because of permanent gameplay modifications.
I will ask your help for the Beta, that needs to be bugfree, for now, just enjoy :)

you are the best game maker..... i please you to insert ather footjobs in your games... thank you very much ;)

The best?!?!
Thank you!!!
You asked so nicely for the footjob that I think that I will put one :)

Mr pinku your games are awesome they are creative and unpredictable which is why your games are my favriote flash games, but could you add camera angles for scenes like starwars2 so you can view from behinde as well as infront.