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Hello, I made few flash games (almost all of them are "for adult only") for my own pleasure. Now I think it's time to start sharing. So let me know what you think of my stuffs and enjoy.


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"Let's sell Pizza" Released

Posted by MrPinku - June 17th, 2014

Hello everyone,

long time no see.

I'm proud to annouce you that the next MrPinku Game is on BETA TESTING :




Please report or leave comments

for suggestions, bug report or text corrections.




and, please give it a 5 stars :)


The game is finished and I just need to fix bugs, polish the design and the options.

I still need a music for the game and some checkers for the dialogues.

This game is on the theme of fetish and is quite disturbingly erotic :)

2 screens shots to wait before the Beta.4280721_140298689512_Tease1.JPG4280721_140298691121_Tease2.JPG

Enjoy :)


Good luck with those pesky bugs, look forward to seeing this! There are 7 pizza places within a 5 km radius of my house! Mama mia!

Hello VicariousE!
Allways happy to hear from you.
I'm not sure this game will make you hungry for Pizza but maybe for Chinese :)

Had to register so i could say that I absolutely love your games.

Noticed on stage 4 that you have to manually press forward to progress after second option, not sure if it's just me.

I love fans :)
I fixed this bug and the released Beta 3 should just work fine.

First Scene ( Finding the Phone )

If i took the hidden key and use it to open the drawer
i can find the key again.

even i gave her the phone and the dialouge starts, the
time is still running and time out appears after a short while.

If i click on some items like the save and the screen is zooming
in, i'm still able to click on items behind the activ window

Second Scene ( Finding her Toys )

It is very difficult to find the correct spot to click on the
black dildo to pick it up

Third Scene ( Fix the electricity )

I can fix the electricity even i don't pick up the broken
electrical part, i only the the gloves and the wrench.

Fourth Scene ( The girl is out )

After i shoo the dog awy, feed him with pizza or just wait, the
bubble appears "It should be quiet no" but I'm not able to go
ahead. The bubble does not disappear regardless where i click.

Stage Number 5 ( Find some Shampoo )

Stage Number 6 ( Relax )

during she is under the shower and shortly before the light
goes out, i see 2 little squares but i cannot click them.

I can pick up the electric bulb but can not do anything with it
even i choose the bulb after the light goes out and she come
downstairs nothing happens.
I have to go anyway.

Pay The rent
The Game is restarting without counting the Secret

Dogs Life
This Secret Scene is not available

This Secret Scene is shown as available in the Secrets Menue but i
cannot click on it

Thanks for this N1 Game again ! :)

Thanks a lot WhiskeyBlack!!!
You report was reallllly helpfull and save me a lot of hours of testing.
I fixed all the bugs you have mentionned and it should work gine now,
except the glinches when you click an object but I cannot fix that :(


cool game,nice job
At the third scene i cant get the special ending(i only pick the wrench)but i have to fix it before the time runs out,and at the last ,theres another object beside the bulb ? or its only in the full version?
Anyway i love it,(different from the others ,not so innocent)but i love it

Yeap, this game is more "adult oriented" than the previous ones but I hope it's still funny :)

I fixed the missing ending with electrocution.
For the last ending you need glove and bulbs only.


works great,thanx
just a quick quesion:when you have both gloves and bulb at the end,it dont matter which one you click on, the ending is the same,right?

Yes, it's only 1 button available only if you have both items. So, 1 ending only :)

Hi Mr Pinku,

Thanks a lot for the great game, really.
I'm glad to hear that my hints where helpfull to you.
I just tried some things out again and i noticed that the Secret "Quicky" is working now.
Unfortunately the Secret Scene "rent" will not be available from the Secret Menu, after the scene is finished the Game restarts completely and than there is no secret scene available any more from the secret menue, same for the toy Scene when you pick up her "special toys " :)

Thanks again!
A programming error : Fixed!
I really missed that one ;)
Game will be released this week.
And this week also maybe a surprise demo :)

Wait and see

I'm not sure if you've uploaded the wrong file but I can't seem to find any of the stuff from the walkthrough (duck , bag , can't open drawer etc...) Only the money , rent and somekind of weird tool inside the left drawer is available ^^'... I haven't rated your game yet so tell me once you fix it so I can give you your 5 stars! :D

The files are fine.
For the walkthrough, there are for the 6 stages, you must master the normal walkthrougt before atempting to get the secrets. The images of walkthrough are organized like this :
stage 1 stage 4
stage 2 stage 5
stage 3 stage 6
I warned you in the game description :" hours of frustration"



Ohh sorry about that :D I never read the warnings (that's probably how I'm goign to die one day...) Awesome game! You got yourself a new fan! ^^

Everyhing is super, artwork is the best :) But it seems that I can't find out how to get gloves for last scene, any help?

The dog have the answer...
(that's a real hint)

how do you get the chinese achivement and the whiskey? i can seem to get find it....

Yeap, the bottle is really hard to find (and it's not whiskey but Tequilla). I should fix that.
For now click on the web cam on computer then click on the desk just behind the bear to get the bottle.
Don't watch the webcam: no bottle
Take the bear first: no more bottle

I hope you'll be able to see the "Chinese" ending :)

Hey Pinku,

Now i'm able to find all your secrets, well done.
The Game is perfectly working now !
The Ideas and the result is very good, thank you a lot !
I'm looking Forward to test the next demo you have just mentioned :)

Thanks a lot WhiskeyBlack your comments and report were very helpfull!
And I'm glad you like the game :)

For the demo I am hesitating to release it on Newgrounds before the game is finished, so I think I will make a News with a link to the game so my fans can check it and play it before the full version is officially launch.

The game is far from even a Beta version and only few scenes are already finished but I think the are goooood and I want to share it with my fans.

So, it will be a Fan Only version :)

The game is : "MrPinku: Let's Play Potions 2" (Version 1 is not even finished lol)
And the scenes include characters from Star Wars (Ashoka), Futurama (Amy Wong) and ... The Walking Dead: I luuuuuuve Rosita mini-short :)

Enjoy :)

Awesome :) Nice game and very good humour, keep it up mate :)

Maybe its a stupid question,but what a FAN ONLY VERSION exactly means?

Possibly only for supporters or people on friends list. Dont know. Shame, i wasreally hoping for more games :(