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Hello, I made few flash games (almost all of them are "for adult only") for my own pleasure. Now I think it's time to start sharing. So let me know what you think of my stuffs and enjoy.


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Dungeons and Moron release

Posted by MrPinku - March 21st, 2014

Thanks to everyone,


Let me now if you still find some bugs or  spelling error. Or, if you manage to see the ending :)

MrPinku Game: Dungeons and Moron





Comments (21)

Thank you!!!!! hahah, thanks for the game, you are awesome!!!.

I think I'n awesome too :)
Thanks a lot for all your messages, it motivates me a lot in my game creation process.

The game plays great!

Thanks for your continuous support VicariousE.
The game is finished now and the ending is worth to see :)

cant seem to clear the healer and wizardess and thus the game... everything else is good aside from the music unmuting everytime I enter the main screen. Love the Game can't wait to see the end.

Thanks for the info. It's fixed now and published :)

Hi MrPinku,
First of all I really love your game !
Great Job !

Regarding the bugs i found:

First bug, I cannot finish the healer part, second time I go to the healer and the grandma is there, I got a heart for the elf but not for the healer and than one heart is missing at the end at the healer site and I got 4 hearts ( displayed are only 3 ) for the elf.

Second bug, at the mage, I have to use the shurican instead of the shield to get the first part done.

Third bug, I don't know what the mage is supposed to do at the third part, however regardless which items I have equipped the mage transforms me in a Little cow and kills me everytime at the third part.

I hope my comments can help you to improve this awesome game a Little more :)

Thanks a lot for the detailed bug report.
I fix it all and more....
I hope the published version is ok, anyway you can reach the ending now :)

I like this game. There is definitely a lot of work put into this. And lot of the parts were pretty hilarious. Your games seem to get beat up a bit when going through the flash portal probably due to the art, but it is not always about having super high quality art. I probably like the parts with the nun the best. Keep it up.

It's always a pleasure to have some feedback from artists.
I know that my drawing skill is not at the top but I'm working a lot on it.
And if I can give good time to players for me it's mission accomplished.
And, yeap, I definitively like nuns :)

Greetings, MrPinku.. I've enjoyed the part of the game i was able to play thusfar, but when trying to progress, i couldn't get either the axe or the glue. When trying to find these in your walkthrough (the weapons and object version) i couldnt get the picture to load... The other walkthroughs work just fine. Could you please fix this?

The programming is ok, maybe the site was down when you try to see it.
For the slime: attack the blob/slime thing with a flower
For the axe: attack the Minotaur with a sword and the slime

Hello, MrPinku it appears the frames start playing up and freezing over the next frame the only known way to clear it up is to right click so that the menu clears up the frozen frame(only a portion of the screen)this is a bit of a recurring issue.

Sorry I don't understand what your refer to.
Is it a particular part of the game or all the game?
Maybe the game was just still loading...

Was very well done. Loved it, hope you haven't abandoned Let's Play Indians. I wanted to see that get fully fleshed out.

Sorry to disappoint you but Let's Play Indians is abandoned right now.
The flash file is too big, my computer too slow and I messed up with the script....
A remix version of the game is still possible but not before a long, long time...

This one goes to my favorite XD

Thx :)

All of the game, if other people are having this issue they might confuse it for freezing, example would be if you hit the speech bubble in a scene the game appears to be frozen, or if you change items and weapons that appears to be frozen, but it's just the frame hasn't completely switched over yer and you have to clear it up somehow to see the next frame.

I don't know...
The programming is fine. You don't have this problem with other games?

"You don't have this problem with other games?" no i don't, just this game.

Can somebody tell how to get the second heart with the ninja,because whatever i choose with the cross its always the same ending(spider runs on girl etc,)and i get three hearts instantly.
Pinku i tried the hammer to ,but its the same. Is there some order ,what to do first then after 'that 'and after 'that'.Is this what i doing wrong?

There is only 2 scenes with the ninja, 0 heart and 1 heart, no 2 heart.
I have fixed the scene choice too.

beat it in under an hour

thanx for the fix,its working well now

Are there multiple endings?

Nope, only 1 ending.

Dang it, can't get the ending, any tips? thanks!.

is there a way to beat the last girl?

The ending flying demon girl?
No you can't, not for now....

you're freaking awesome man !

I know :)

finish the LPI rapidly please
I like what you do,

HI PINKU!Can you tell me that,is there something that you working on right now or just enjoying your well deserved vacation.Because i'm checking in every day in the hope of some news,but if you tell me that there will be months before something,i will stop checking until then.

The new game is almost finished.
It's a pizza delivery boy story. News upcoming soon.

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