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Hello, I made few flash games (almost all of them are "for adult only") for my own pleasure. Now I think it's time to start sharing. So let me know what you think of my stuffs and enjoy.


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Happy New Year 2014!!

Posted by MrPinku - January 5th, 2014

  • Edit (March 22nd 2014): Finished
  • Thanks to everyone, the game is almost finihed (need to put credit and fix 2 or 3 bugs).







Happy new year Everyone!

The new MrPinku Game is almost done and will be released on January 2014!!!

Yeap, this month!

Before that I need very quickly someone who can check the inside game dialogue and correct my english. If you are interrested and that you can handle .fla files please email me!

I also need for this game some Musics: RPGTheme loop, Battle loop, Erotic Scene loop (easy listenning).

Music files must be very small (less than 1mb will be perfect!).


For other games. All will be released this year:

- Futurama sex Game

- Let's play potions 2

- Dongeon and Morons: Give me back my Mojo!

For the superheroe game we'll see.

Anyway pictures of "Dungeons and Morons" are on my Blog 



Comments (22)

Ahaha yeah, more content i was almost sure you were out of the course, i'm glad i was wrong.

I had a lot of trouble and no time, motivation to work on my games lately. But I am developing 5 games at the same time that's why I did not published anything for a while. Some of them are 70% done, I have to finish this one as soon as possible so I can work on the next one and release 1 game every 2 months maybe sooner :)
So, Enjoy :)

Hey, these look really great :) Can't wait to play, hope the new ones will be as funny as previous ones :)

All the best

This one is also comical style with a lot of funny surprises :)

Oh man, a finished Let's Play Potions would be EPIC WIN!!! :D

Also, lovely tentacle scene over there.

There will be a Let's Play Potions 2 (in fact the completed Let's Play Potions) but I have to finish this game first before I can tell you more about it's content.

when will you be done with lets play indians?? its a great game so i like to se the up coming update:)

i love you games but please fix lets play indians its a realy good game so i hope you will fix the game later in the future :) have a happy day :D


Your drawing skills seem to be getting better! Congrats on the progress!

OMG! you are back!, thanks man, great game, still the flower is bugged i hope you can tell me a solution or you can fix it soon, thanks again and keep the great job!!.

The flower is not working thus we can't make it to the next scenes.

Thanks for the info
I will fix that.

Great games, and looking forward to this one too :) One problem with the beta - use the shuriken on the amazon, get the success page but then can't continue?

Sometimes the NEXT box is not over the drawed button, just click the area where it should be

Ok, the minotaur cant be beaten, and the nun is always calling the guard no matter what u do, also the fagolas is always apearing

Thanks for the info, I'll check that and fix it for beta 3.

The Slime Sword combo dosent work on the minotaur

In order to get passed the minotaur you have to use the flower and slime, instead of the sword and slime.

The mummy scene where you have nothing equipped does not work. Trying to click fight and nothing happens.

Thanks, I have fixed that.

Hey there mr. Pinku first off i love all your games and i have been trying to beat this one as far as i can aswell. what occurs to me is that after you heal fagolas and you go to that area again you just heal him again you dont get to the final scene. other people have pointed this out but you cant beat the minotaur with the vial and sword. also sometimes the screen freezes when you hit a text box and i would have to scroll the webpage for some reason so it works again. i hope this game gets released soon you are one of a kind. your humorous games with sexual tints are pretty erotic in a fun sense. i salute you sir!

sincere greetings,


Bug 1
There was a bug on the three some part with the healer and the elf.When the protagonist says NOOOO Treesome the text dissapers and nothing happens he just stays with his mouth open.
Bug 2
Also the protagonist has to battle the wizard about 6 times before the shield will work even if the shield is equip. I played it twice and the first time i was able to progress without the shield and with a bottle instead and the screen with the shield showed up but it took like 7 try as well I had my shield on the first 5 try's, also i only had one heart my last try before it worked.

I noticed how you put the hammer or axe,sword,shuriken on cheat sheet for the wizard the second time i played the game a couple of times and it was the same scene only difference was the weapon that was used.
For the amazon when you do anal on her it didn't matter what item i had in my hand as long as I had the green bottle in my inventory and i would get the anal scene

Nice game, great development with your art, definetely your best so far (and that's not saying I didn't like you earlier ones) !
Bug 1: Like earlier commenter said, there are bugs concerning the intertwined Elf- and Healer-nodes. I assumed the idea was to somehow eliminate Fagolas, but I couldn't achieve it with any combinations. I tested every single one with both Healing Fagolas and Fighting him, but it didn't help. I don't know how the system was intended to work, but for me it worked so, that once I had healed Fagolass and visited grandma once, I automatically gained the Second Heart for the Healer Node and Third Heart for the Elf-node. Also, the Orb registers the Elf "Cleared" at this point. If I then visited the Healer, there was the sign pointing to the Elf. If, on the other hand, I visited the Elf, I ended up with the GAME-KILLING "NOOOoo"-freeze.
Bug 2: The 2nd Ninja-sex scene was prone to looping. Looping ended when I scrolled the screen, as some commenter tipped earlier.
Bug 3: The icon of the Nun-node does not update correctly to Three Hearts, but stays at one, even though you get the blowjob scene and Orb marks her "Cleared".
Missing: The Mummy-node does not have Cleared-scene (neither does the Wizard, naturally)
But like I said, nice game. You have unique style! Do keep up the good work! I don't mind how many you publish, just as long as they're as good as these. I registered to this site just to post this message.

Hi! Just wanted to add, that I sent to you via your email a txt.file, which contained all the typos I was able to find and corrections to those. Hope you find the file useful!

Hi !
I love your games and i think this will be your best work so far !
I don't want to bother you, but are there any News when it will be published ?

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