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Hello, I made few flash games (almost all of them are "for adult only") for my own pleasure. Now I think it's time to start sharing. So let me know what you think of my stuffs and enjoy.


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Mr Pinku Game : "Let's Play Indians" Beta version released

Posted by MrPinku - February 4th, 2013

Finally, I'm proud to present you the Beta Version of the game.

Let me know if you find bugs or errors.


Mr Pinku

PS: I have fixed the music and the "Feed Snitch" not working part.
PS2: Paypal donation don't work but you can use Gift Certificates:
https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xcl ick&hosted_button_id=7SSTW7LXEMWDW
PS3: A picture of the "room escape" game with Noose.

Mr Pinku Game : "Let's Play Indians" Beta version released

Comments (12)

Well, the script moves differently than i played before. When I got to Snitch's hunting expedition, there didn't seem to be any solution (playing without cheats on the published Beta version).

I'm having the same issue. Like the improvements.

How myuch time until you make it full?

It will take me quite a while, maybe in June.
So far, the script is almost finished and I am working on the drawing and programming of different parts.
I will publish a first update this month I think, but integrating different sub-games into the main story take me a lot of time.
So, be patient and help me with Gift Certificates if you can.

how much time till the next part comes out,1-2 weeks or more?
im looking on it every day,but if you could say a concrete thing it would be awsome!

Ugh, Pay-pal. I guess it doesn't matter what country you use it in, it's still a confusing mess to use.
Just wanted to thank you for letting me help you; us old guys gotta stick together!
*just 'threw down' a shot of Canadian whisky in your honor*

Hello!!!!! hahah, i hope you are ok, also i wanna know when will be realized the next update, more or less, not exactly date, and its really dificult to me send you some contribution, but i will keep trying. Big hug and good luck!!

How have you been feeling lately? Enjoying the sights and sounds of Newgrounds?
Have you been coming to Newgrounds for a while? Myself, I waited for a little more than a year, before I decided to join. Back then, we got only one email account per account, and God forbid if it got hacked, spammed, sold or worse! I never regretted trusting Tom Fulp with my email address :3

Hi, how are you, good to see you still on NG, hope to hear soon on the new projects. Some pics would be appreciated :)

Hello Valdee,

sorry for not posting for a long time, I was busy with my work.
Even if there is great contributor like you who helps me financially (You are the only one who buy a paypal gift by the way), I still have to find jobs to eat and pay my rent....

Anyway, I'm still working on the game but it's progressing slowly.
Now I'm working on a "room escape" game, part of the Noose's story, with a new female character.
Graphics are almost finished but now I have to arrange all of it in the story.

So, for now I intend to work on it on April and release something on May.
I will send you a copy of the unreleased "room escape game" as a "contributor's special gift" :)

Thanks for your support


PS: Edit comment to post the "room escape" screen shot.

Thanks for the pics, they look really nice :)
I know you are working on a great project at the moment and all takes time :)

omg!! thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you, go Noose go!!! Hahaha.

Thanks Mr Pinku :) Hehe, something to play during holidays :)

Hello Mr Pinku, the Pictures Looks very nice! Well done!