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Hello, I made few flash games (almost all of them are "for adult only") for my own pleasure. Now I think it's time to start sharing. So let me know what you think of my stuffs and enjoy.


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"The MrPinku Game : Let's play Indian" Latest News

Posted by MrPinku - January 7th, 2013

Happy New Year !!

I recently received a lot of mails from fan asking me when the new episode will be released.

Well, first, thank you for your support it really motivates me.
The new episode is an adventure game. You have a mission (the main story), stuff to find and secrets scenes to discover.
You can choose witch kid you want to play and can change at anytime.
Each kids (Noose, Alfy and Zouss) interact differently with the set and other characters.

This interactivity make the programming process very long and painful !
That's why it took me a lot of time.

In the final game there will be 4 missions but I still need a lot of time to program it, so here is the release schedule :

January 2013 : Version 0.5 release (the first mission but not finalized : missing Main menu option, progress status, etc...)
Next : Version 1.0 of the game (only the first mission but finalized)

Next : If I have time and money, a new mission will be added every month (1st month, the Cowgirl Mission, 2nd month the Farm girl mission, 3rd month : The Scientist Girl mission and Finally the Complete game with special endings)

To be honest I preferred to release the game finalized first, but since it takes me too much time and you are waiting for too long I will respect the January release deadline even if the game is not complete.

Finally, I am looking for game tester and English corrector.
If you are interested, I will send you the unfinished game before the official release and ask for english correction, bug report, comments and suggestions (and help if possible).
E-mail me (Mrpinkugame@hotmail.com) for info.

Enjoy !!

PS: Donations are always welcome. So far I did not received even 1$ ! Make it change : )

https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_fl ow&SESSION=BUj_bu13swi-50dZKrmb85hcaa3momkLQuxIw iILQ_jgi2hwUUE4B7ZauU4&dispatch=5885d80a13c0db1f 8e263663d3faee8d569c51c61ce57e9125f793ea33988004

"The MrPinku Game : Let's play Indian" Latest News

Comments (2)

I thought your last game came out great! A little rough around the edges, but certainly passable.

If you'd like me to check your English and test out the game, place the finalized swf into the NG Dumping Grounds, and send me the link. I'm sure you won't need much correcting, and if a problem in the game should come up, I'll try and help track down what might be causing it.

Thank you for your advice.
I just placed the 1st beta into the NG Dumping Grounds (I didn't know this useful tool).

Its great to see that you are making a quick progress :)
As for the link to a PayPal site, it does not work, so despite the best intentions to reward your work, we cannot donate :/
All the best mate

I have fixed the Donation Button :)

The new game Beta version will be release this week-end !!