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Hello, I made few flash games (almost all of them are "for adult only") for my own pleasure. Now I think it's time to start sharing. So let me know what you think of my stuffs and enjoy.


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Welcome back!

I assume that its supposed to say may 1st 2016 :P but anyway already said it on patreon but its really good to see you back bud, your drawings may not have been the best but the concepts were! (plus I personally liked the drawing style)

at last c:

Hey @valdee, look who came back :O

I'm so glad you're okay, and you came back! I don't know when I'll be able to send you some money, but I am looking forward to anything you upload here!

Nice to see that you're back! =)

HI Pinku . God bless your back!!!!!
I am so happy now ,you made my day better.

Wooooohoooo!! Mr. Pinku is back!! good to know you are ok and ready for more!!! wish you glory and fortune man, and good health, we miss ya =)

you back

Yay :) Things are looking good :)

I'm so glad that you're back !

I'm dying for play all the things that u have in the patreon, i really like your games and the concepts behind them, u could say that they weren't THAT great, but they are, absolutely. Unfortunatelly i don't have a way to pay :(, at least not right now, i really wish i could... You deserve it. And i fucking want to play that games hahah

Looking forward for rabbit 2, Z-I or whatever you could upload here! Good luck

Hey pinkU, answer these comments! Also great new game, you should make a new news post to tell us how you've been.

Hello VicariousE, thx for the follow as usual :)
Well, I'm here, that's the only things that matter :)

Yeah I hear ya: so long as you're walking and talking, everything else is negotiable.
I'm still looking for a small place to grow crops in the country, but I'll be reviewing your latest games soon... I very much enjoyed what I've played so far!

Heyyyy mr pinku

Plzzzzzzz work on happiness in the field 3 plzzzzzz

I love these games i wish u can do more