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Hello, I made few flash games (almost all of them are "for adult only") for my own pleasure. Now I think it's time to start sharing. So let me know what you think of my stuffs and enjoy.


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Just saw the zombie scene................ words cannot describe how amazing it was

Thanks! That THE scene I wanted to share with my fans :)

I like the new easier/quicker way of changing characters/scenes. Though I didn't mind how it was in the beginning.

I change the gameplay because I will put a lot more of mini-scene and the actual scenes will be harder to find (must clear a step to reach it).

With this version there is already 1 000 more combinations so.... if you have to find 3 ingredients for each combinations it will be too hard to play I think.

It's also easier for me to debug the game :)

Loved the Zombie scene, cant wait for more!

but 2 things: is there a scene with the Thief (along with the running in to the bank) or its that still to come? and i cant seem to get the "Matrixxx" Scene to work is that still to come aswell?

No thief scene for now.
I'm still working on the Matrixxx scene, you will see it in the next update.

Update 4/9/2014: Submitted to the Portal! http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/645504

You're faster than me :)

Really curious of what scenes the nude beach will hold, lol at the nerd kid =D

I still wondering too :)

Love the progress! We seem to share some similar tastes in flash game pornography, good job! *thumbs up*

This game take me a lot of time and will still keep me busy for few more months I think. Will see...
Anyway thanks for the cheer up :)

I also made an account just to heart you, back when you released your first game because it was funny. You have good ideas with easter eggs and suprise endings only you add boobies into it which makes it way better. When I look at good suprises it gets me excited but add boobies and it gets me a little more excited if you know what im saying

Boobies make the rockin' world go round!

Like the new updates,can't wait how they will continue.I just found there is some combination after the waha gets angry,and kicks everyone,only wonderwoman stops him(really hope there will be something after it).I am sure you have lots of ideas,because theres so much combination that can happen.Nostalgically i just played lets play potions 1 ,its still great but sad that theres many "open doors" left.Hope you could tie every loose end when you finish this one.Keep up the good work!

Waha is a Girl! :(
You have the spidey kiss and the vamp kiss to find also in this one.
For LPPotions 1 maybe I will finish it one day :)
Thanks for the cheers and the message :)

Hi, i think your games, are amazing. im waiting for the next games and im writing to you because i want you to know that you have big fan;]

Thanks a lot Mastermisiek!
I'm working on the next game right now.
It is 100% secret (No title, no preview or beta) until the release. So please be patient and you can still wait with the "Let's mix stuff" updates every week!

Wednesday!! :D I am happy you havent abandon your art Mr Pinku. waiting for the next relase :)

New update! It's quite hard to keep the pace while making the other game and the jokes are getting weirder and weirder in this one, but I still laugh at it so, what the hell!
Did anyone find the "strawberry's joke" yet?

I found the strawberry joke. Dont worry pinku ill make a game and use it just for you. :D unless you dont want me to

man i can't acess the nude beach one is it finished?

what is yours GMT because your wednesday is my thorsday?

Hope you find a good job Pinku.

I wish I had any money to donate to your patreon but alas :(

dear mr.pinku I donated 10.00 to you that is the best I can do for right now till I get more money if you can I am a big fan of resident evil maybe you can add something like jill valentine vs. a zombie dog in your next update :D

In the demo girl 9 had a blue top, now it´s a white top and her action(girl 9, character 4 and background 2) do not work.

we want walktroughs